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Biosoft Studio
      Bisoft Studio develops and distributes software for behavioral and physiological research. We are specialized in the data collection and analyses for basic sleep studies. We strive to produce the best tools for basic sleep investigators. SleepWave is now available to you for sleep data collection and analyses. 

      SleepWave allows you to collect multiple physiological signals from multiple animals simultaneously. You can view all channels from all animals at the same time, and you can focus on any animal with a double click. You can start recording in different modes: synchronized, cascade, instant or no timing. Data for different animals can be saved separately.

      SleepWave is the most efficient hand-scoring program available today. SleepWave allows you score quickly without sacrificing the scoring quality. SleepWave also comes with automatic scoring capabilities.

      SleepWave has a unique capability to generate sleep summary for multiple animals including group means and standard errors for multiple parameters.

      SleepWave can also perform analyses of EEG spectrum in groups of animals with capabilities to perform automatic normalization at flexible time blocks and flexible frequency bands. 

      SleepWave was designed by a sleep investigator for sleep investigators. SleepWave will increase you productivity and let you focus on your research.